Arrigo Capitanio, MD Arrigo Capitanio, MD


Arrigo Capitanio, MD

Appointed Consultant Pathologist at University College of London Hospitals Since 2014 Senior Consultant Pathologist at the University Hospital in Linköping (Sweden). His interest in digital pathology dates from 2004. He is editor of the Eurocytology Project for cytopathology learning. He is author of programs for the editing and processing of digital cytology slides and has been invited as speaker on digital pathology topics in many international meetings.

Alberto Costa, MD Alberto Costa, MD


Alberto Costa, MD

MD, is CEO of the European School of Oncology, director of Cancerworld, member of the Committee of Experts on Cancer of the European Commission. Chair of the Advisor Board of the Breast Unit in Lugano, Switzerland. He played a key role in the creation of the Italian School of Senology and of the European Institute of Oncology in Milan. He actively contributed to the establishment and development of the American Italian Cancer Foundation (AICF) in New York.