• Ability to obtain a service in line with the best market standards and lower prices.
  • Access to a broad network of pathologists and their recognised competences.
  • Continuous update of hardware and software tools that support the process.
  • Continuous update of the processes, in line with international best practices.
  • Availability of the services included in the offer of Digital Pathology .
  • Flexibility of CPG to setting the service up according to hospital' needs.

  • Ospedale HOSPITAL


    CLOUD PATHOLOGY offers diagnosis capability in line with the best market standards, performing all the pathological activities with a flexibility of service configuration based on hospital’ needs.

    Analisi ANALYSIS


    CLOUD PATHOLOGY has acquired over time the knowledge needed to optimise and standardise activities performed in pathology laboratories in order to integrate an efficient use of Digital Pathology.

    Scanner SCAN

    Open solution

    CLOUD PATHOLOGY has developed an open solution that can be integrated with all type of scanners available on the market, in line with each hospital’s specific needs. In the Hospital of Busto Arsizio, Cloud Pathology has chosen Hamamatsu Nanozoomer XR, for its maximum loading capacity of 320 glass slides, its image quality, scan times, algorithm compression and its easy-to-use interface.

    Database DATABASE

    Routine diagnostic

    Cloud Pathology’s database integrates images and metadata in an organised set of clinical records, and this represents the main advantage that Digital Pathology offers to routine diagnosis. Thanks to this organised library, other pathologists can be involved in the diagnostic process from different locations allowing a sharing of information and diagnostics. By increasing the number of cases, Cloud Pathology will continue to store them into an information management system that allows easy retrieval to help further research and educational purposes. This is not available today in the traditional lab examination process.

    Diagnosi DIAGNOSIS

    Medical diagnosis

    CLOUD PATHOLOGY is developing its own network of pathologists, removing boundaries related to physical locations, at the same time ensuring the highest quality and maximum efficiency. Regarding the dematerialisation of the slides and their consolidation in a database accessible and available by Internet (always with prior authorisation approval). This helps to overcome constraints associated with the standard routine of Pathology.


    Sharing system

    CLOUD PATHOLOGY has developed a solution for Digital Pathology allowing each pathologist to work with another colleague, even remotely, on the same case allowing a shared diagnosis.