Management Team
Giampiero Duglio Giampiero Duglio


Giampiero Duglio

Giampiero Duglio (Economics degree), President of CPG, is the company founder. Trained at the studio Ambrosetti in Milan where he worked for about twenty years, ten of which he held the role of CEO. Worked in healthcare since 1969 in a consultant position to holding direct responsibility of the corporate management team.

Massimo Cella Massimo Cella


Massimo Cella

Massimo Cella (Civil Engineer), is the Partner and Managing Director of the company since January 2015. He is also the Sales Director. With a successful business track record, and a vast experience of direct and indirect sales in three major IT companies, his main role is in the development of business start-ups and managing teams working on complex projects, including external Partners.

Giancarlo Chiovini Giancarlo Chiovini

Management Advisor

Giancarlo Chiovini

Giancarlo Chiovini (Economics degree), is the Company Director and also a contributor to the business idea. His position is in line with his own professional experience related to work organisation and H.R.

Marco Albani Marco Albani


Marco Albani

Senior executives in multinational companies, expertise in digital integration processes

Salvatore Famà Salvatore Famà

Sales Executive

Salvatore Famà

20 years in GE where he held managerial roles in the Service, Operations and Sales divisions. Solid knowledge of the healthcare market

Anna Bauer Anna Bauer

Customer Care

Anna Bauer

Development of the customer assistance network in relation to the hospital staff, both in technical and medical fields.

Alessandro Saracino Alessandro Saracino

Solution Manager

Alessandro Saracino

Development of the CPG Suite, consolidated experience in the development of IT solutions gained in Italy and in Switzerland.