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Cloud Pathology group Srl (CPG)

Founded in Milan on the 27/02/2012. The company came forward with the goal to improve the quality of diagnosis using a digital pathology practice (Digital Pathology), mainly for the operational use in healthcare facilities, (hospitals and clinics) in both public and private sectors. The company uses a wide range of resources such as capacity setting services, the outsourcing of hardware, software & in-house technologies and /or third parties, which demonstrate favorable benefits for clients. The digital images are managed through a database that allows CPG to share a wealth of knowledge that has been built (e.g. images, diagnostic practices, etc. . .) – A very important client benefit. Overtime, with an increase of this activity, this knowledge will expand even further in the future. Since its establishment three years ago, CPG has developed a complex program of actions-key for its industrial activities start-up.

Who we are

As of today, there are already in place the following actions in the Hospital of Busto Arsizio in Italy:

  • Test and selection of available scanners on the world market, with the highest performance on routine scale activities.
  • Implement and test software tools for uploading images and structured information, derived from production and storage processes.
  • Define the hardware and software architecture to manage safely and efficiently all the data and digital images.
  • Define the operational workflow of acquisition, storage & use of images.
  • Run a field test of the operational prototype at the Pathology Unit in the Hospital of Busto Arsizio which serves the hospitals of Busto Arsizio, Saronno and Tradate, from July 2013.

  • In September 2015, CLOUD PATHOLOGY GROUP submitted to the European Commission, its development project “The new Pathology” into Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework Programme, achieving a Seal of Excellence Certificate.

    Cloud Pathology Group